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Used by professionals for tracking tasks or night shifts, and also used by mountaineers, cyclists and people in general for sports activities or camping outdoors.

LED Torch
The most powerful torch on the planet. It outperforms all of its direct competitors!
Survival tool.
Essential for any emergency, camping or hiking trip.
Save money
Save money on batteries and enjoy more independence and safety.

About LumForce

Powerful LED torch with three lighting modes (high beam, low beam and strobe/SOS), choose the one that best suits your needs at any time.
  • It is waterproof, very resistant and can withstand freezing temperatures and all kinds of blows. It is ideal for rainy or windy conditions, as well as in an emergency or in any kind of situation you may find yourself in.
  • Its features go far beyond that of a conventional torch. If you need a professional torch to light up long distances, you won't find anything like Lumforce.
  • Perfect to have at home or to save you in case of an emergency. It will light you up in the dark if the power goes out, and is ideal when you’re camping or hiking.
It has even more benefits!

Main benefits:

Very high power LEDs
Illuminates 10 times brighter than regular torches
Light modes
Different light modes: high power, low power and strobe/SOS (ideal for calling for help in emergency situations).
Highly resistant and waterproof
It withstands all kinds of blows and weather conditions like rain, snow and freezing temperatures. Water resistance: IPX4.
Survival tool
It can burn a piece of paper if you place it on top and it is switched on. Rechargeable. Lamp and power bank function so you can charge up your phone.
The best option
This is the best choice if you need a torch for camping, hiking, at home or in the car.
The perfect gift
The perfect gift for family and friends.


Can this torch be used to charge up a mobile phone?
You may not believe us but yes, yes, it can. You can charge your phone and plenty of other devices too.
How do you turn the torch on?
Press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
Does it work with batteries?
No, it is charged using USB C cables.
Are there any special offers available?
Yes, there’s a 50% discount launch promotion.
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The Best Option on the Market

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